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Sturgeon — Delicacy And Benefit

Sturgeon — delicacy and benefit

Sturgeon is a freshwater fish, its age totals about 250 million years. It appeared in the Jurassic period.

All over the world  sturgeon meat is considered as an exquisite delicacy: because of poaching, who was producing the caviar in huge quantities, sturgeon population has decreased significantly. So much that today this species is on the verge of total annihilation, it is listed in the Red Book and its prey in the wild is prohibited.

Legally buy sturgeon you can only at  owners of aquafarms  where fish are grown for the production of caviar. It is difficult and very costly production; sturgeon begins to spawn only after 10-20 years of life, and all the time it needs to ensure the special conditions of detention. Ozonated deep cleaning water, attentive care, meals with a mixture of fish meal several times a day – all of it looks like  a sanatorium-resort with daily procedures and the adjusted mode. Now there is  the same production in Belarus, and people of our country have the opportunity to try this unique «royal fish.»

Sturgeon — a delicacy or benefit?

Recently told that the production of black caviar ADMIRAL HUSSO was opened close to Minsk, and now Belarus gourmets can let themselves to buy caviar of high quality corresponding to international standards.

Admiral Husso set the task to revive the ideal pure taste of black caviar  — a complex system of production, an innovative water purification system, principal absence of preservatives and handmade jewelry selection and packaging. All of this makes this product a work of gastronomic art –as how we expect to see a true delicacy.

The traditional way of caviar production is downhole method. It was used during all times of the existence of mankind. Such method makes possible to preserve all the nutrients that are so valued in the fresh black caviar. However, in today’s caviar production is used  a «milking» method. At first glance, such method seems to be more humane, but  there is a trick hidden behind: to increase the capacity of sturgeon to spawn,  fish are often fed by  hormones. It will not be appreciated by people who buy an expensive product, being sure of its health benefits.

As Admiral Husso use it «downhole» method, now in Belarus you can buy not only the black sturgeon caviar, but also its meat – balyk and cold and hot smoked steaks. It is not necessary to talk about status of caviar and sturgeon products but the information about benefits of this delicacy for health is less well known.

How useful sturgeon meat?

Part of sturgeon meat includes  amino acids, vitamins, beneficial fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, minerals, phosphorus and potassium. His flesh has a practically meat taste due to the presence of glutamic acid in the fish — a natural flavor enhancer.

Sturgeon is useful for the brain and the cardiovascular system, it is recommended for people suffering from atherosclerosis or other diseases associated with high cholesterol levels, because fatty acids are able to cleave it and contribute to the removal from the body. Note that eating sturgeon normalizes blood pressure, improves metabolism, affects the regeneration of the skin. Moreover, it is a diet product: sturgeon is noncaloric, but still has a high energy value due to the high digestibility.

How to cook sturgeon?

Sturgeon meat is  white and has a dense fiber structure in taste, it is not like other fish. Very tender and flavorful sturgeon by Admiral Husso doesn’t have any extraneous odors peculiar to freshwater fish. It is achieved by the deep water purification system and the unique conditions of the fish detention. Sturgeon is edible for almost 100% — in fact, you can’t eat only its armor, but all the other parts, including the ridge, is ready to cook. From sturgeon meat it is possible to cook tasty steaks, kebabs, burgers, steaks, smoke and fry it, vizigu (chord of fish) is dried and fed to the gourmet table. Heads go to the royal fish soup, and cartilage are used for soups and jellied.

Comment of the chef production technologist Olga Lemnitskaya

«Of about 160 thousand tons of fish, which Belarusians eat every year, only one tenth is domestic, but it has a distinct advantage: as before said, it is a product of » the first freshness » — it does not go a long way to transport and difficult preservation before to get on the table. And in principle, the average person eats the fish is far less than meat and sausage products, but in former times the fish Thursday was an important tradition.  Opening the caviar production, we planned to develop the manufacture sturgeon soon — and now we are pleased to announce that the Belarusians have the opportunity to try the freshest «royal fish.»

The products by ADMIRAL HUSSO besides black caviar are:

  • hot smoked sturgeon steaks — tender sturgeon meat cooked in the hot smokehouse with the addition of low salt has a subtle smoky flavor;
  • a special pride of the brand — balyk, cooked according to an old Russian recipe that fishermen used 200 years ago. According to the recipe sturgeon is dried first, then tantalized at the cold smoke. Such processing gives a special mild flavor to the finished product. Sturgeon balyk is considered as the best in its category, and refers to a special class of delicacies, it is rich in proteins, fats, vitamins and trace elements that persist in smoking.
  • Sliced frozen steaks, created specifically for the realization of the most daring culinary fantasies will become a real culinary masterpiece in your performance.

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