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Salmon caviar ADMIRAL HUSSO

Red caviar is perhaps the most popular, delicious, and most importantly, a useful delicacy. But the taste and benefits of red caviar directly depend on the extraction, production and storage conditions of this product.

The difference and advantage of red caviar by ADMIRAL HUSSO are in the fact that our caviar experts buy caviar by wholesale only by preliminary selection for numerous organoleptic indices: grain soreness, consistency, salt (from 3.5% to 4.5%), absence of additional smells and flavors. Secondly, from the moment of packing to getting into your hands, caviar is stored at the desired mode (-6 … -4 ° C).
Caviar of sockeye by ADMIRAL HUSSO has pronounced piquant taste with light bitter taste.
Quality red caviar is the caviar that meets a number of requirements:
· Whole eggs of the optimal stage of maturity;

· Perfect organoleptic indicators (absence of additional flavors and smell);

· Salt content from 3,5% to 4,5%;

· Proper storage temperature from -6 to -4 ° C

· Exclusion of prolonged exposure to oxygen;

· Optimum amount of antiseptics / preservatives.

ADMIRAL HUSSO guarantees that the caviar, produced and marketed under our control, meets the high quality standards for salmon roe. After all, the quality of eggs means not only taste, but also the safety of its beneficial properties.

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