Perfect present by ADMIRAL HUSSO

In diplomatic protocol practice, gifts play the very important role. They are a symbol of strengthening friendship and establishing closer relations, an expression of gratitude and generally respect. Undoubtedly, this applies not only to the sphere of diplomacy, but also to the sphere of any business relations. The value of a gift depends on the ability to choose and present it correctly.

Today the tradition of gifts turned into a kind of competition. Diplomats, heads of state, businessmen show miracles of ingenuity, surpassing each other in originality. However, it was the same before: an Indian elephant, brought as a gift to Russian tsars, and alive tigers for Ivan the Terrible.



But all gifts should be appropriate. A gift to high-ranking persons should be chosen especially carefully, taking into account the peculiarities and culture of their countries. We must not forget that a gift given, for example, to a diplomat, is a real business card of your country. Undoubtedly, it should be universal, but at the same time an original and exclusive gift.

ADMIRAL HUSSO knows exactly what an ideal gift is. Black caviar of Siberian sturgeon is a traditional one, standing in line with sables and pearls since the time of ancient Russiaa gift that can best underscore the importance of business relations.


It so happened historically that Western European diplomats arriving in Moscow were very interested in black caviar and caviar market in general. And black caviar has always acted as a classic gift to diplomatic workers and representatives of various states. For example, when Pugachev’s troops reached the Volga (the events of 1773-1775), the Russian government carefully kept this information from foreign diplomats. But German Ambassador graph Solms guessed this by the absence of black caviar in ambassadorial gifts and in general in the shops of the city.

Black caviar :: IKRA by ADMIRAL HUSSO will become a perfect gift even for the most demanding person. Caviar :: IKRA has a rare crystallized aroma of sturgeon delicacy and a velvety aftertaste that can conquer the heart of anyone. And besides the fact that sturgeon caviar is very tasty, it is also extremely useful.

Such  gift needs appropriate decor. The strict business style and original design of ADMIRAL HUSSO gift wrapping will accentuate your status and make anyone admire the gift, even the most strict gourmets.


Complete absence of preservatives and pasteurization, minimum salt level of 2.8%, 100% natural composition and consistently high quality. Black caviar :: IKRA by ADMIRAL HUSSO is your best gift!