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Gala Dinner By The Holder Of Three Michelin Stars Christian La Squer

Gala dinner by the holder of three Michelin stars Christian La Squer

There was delicious gala dinner by French chef, the holder of three stars Michelen Christian Le Squer at Dipservice Hall October 8. Chef such a level was not in Belarus before, so this festival without exaggeration could  be called the most important culinary event of the year, an event that symbolizes acquaintance with gourmet cuisine.

Christian Le Squer is the holder of 3 Michelin stars, the chef of the legendary Parisian restaurant Le Cinq and «The Chef of the Year» according to the French magazine Le Chef.

The unique high-quality product and steady hand a talented chef is a tandem worthy gastronomic festival MICHELIN Star in Belarus. Black caviar from the company ADMIRAL HUSSO is the very unique product, able to decorate any dish and emphasize the elegance of the evening.

Products by the company ADMIRAL HUSSO consistently receive the highest recommendations from well-known chefs. Particularly pleased that the choice of Christian Le Squer in the selection of products fall on the caviar ADMIRAL HUSSO.

In two of the five dishes presented in the menu at the gala dinner was caviar. Variety of food, feed and depth of flavor originality aroused a sincere delight even the most demanding gourmets. At the menu Scallops Saint Jacques with sea foam and caviar, the Taste of the Earth and the Sea, The Sea bass with caviar, pepper, pear, spinach and fermented butter, beef, cooked over charcoal with Dijon mustard and smoked butter and for dessert biscuit with salted caramel and candied grapefruit.

Christian Le Squer immensely impressed and inspired the guests with his culinary skills and exceptional talent.

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