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Downhole Caviar Vs Milking Caviar

Downhole caviar vs milking caviar

Black caviar is not just a unique delicacy, which affects gourmets with its own taste. This is a wonderful gift, and a way to pamper yourself, and part of the history of Russian cuisine. That is why the way to get this royal delicacy, which affects the quality and taste of black caviar, plays the most important role.

There are two ways to produce caviar: milking and downhole.

Milking, i.e. intravital, is an innovative way of producing caviar, in which the fish remains alive and can spawn an average of 6-8 times more. In the milking method, the fish is subjected to special manipulations (injections of chemicals and hormones), which makes it possible to «squeeze out» the eggs from the fish. The presence of hormones in fish, and therefore in caviar, which poses the greatest danger to human health, as it directly affects the hormonal background of a person. There are 2 ways of extraction of black caviar by milking method. The first — pumping or squeezing out, the procedure takes up to 12 hours. When expressing the quality of eggs, as a rule, deteriorates. The second method is the so-called «caesarean section», in which an abdominal incision is made, caviar is removed, then surgical sutures are applied. After this operation, sturgeons recover fairly quickly and start to spawn again. To see how the process of obtaining black caviar by milking method looks, you can follow the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiqrzFMrFR4&t=37s

The slaughtering method is a traditional way of obtaining caviar, which fishermen used many centuries ago. Using this technology, when the correct stage of maturity of the eggs is reached, the fish is killed and a fresh and tasty product literally melting in the mouth is obtained.

ADMIRAL HUSSO, using the downhole method of caviar production, receives caviar once, without using artificial stimulants and hormones, as when receiving caviar by milking method. By this we leave the product completely safe.

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