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Caviar — Aphrodisiac With History

Caviar — aphrodisiac with history

«Black caviar, red caviar, overseas caviar, eggplant …» — the famous phrase from the movie «Ivan Vasilievich» cemented in our minds the stereotype that  in our region the caviar has been a delicacy since Czarist times. However, this is not quite true. Black caviar sturgeon has been loved even before the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Caviar is valued for nutritional, beneficial properties and, of course, taste. Traditional treats — pancakes with caviar — and many other dishes originate from here.

During Soviet times, caviar was obtained in such  large amount that on the wave of «caviar boom» has led to a significant reduction in the fish population. Today sturgeon fishing is completely banned and the only legal and safe way to health caviar production is the breeding of sturgeon in the aquafarms.

Such production now exists in our country — the caviar production Admiral Husso. Admiral Husso products pass all stages of complex production: from water purification system at a deep level till jewelry packaging caviar «seed to a kernel.» Due to strict quality control system in the Admiral Husso product retains all the beneficial nutritional properties of eggs and, of course, its good taste, that for such a product is a mandatory feature. As a local manufacturer, Admiral Husso has a unique opportunity to deliver directly to your table the freshest caviar without preservatives and pasteurization with a minimum salt of  2.8%.

Christian Le Squer

Interesting facts about caviar

  1. Black caviar — one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. Furthermore, the most valuable combination of vitamins and minerals promotes proper metabolism and quickly recover.
  2.  Caviar is a useful product for pregnant women. Black caviar, being a potent stimulator of hemoglobin is a unique natural remedy prevention of anemia.
  3. Research shows that people, who have taken caviar more than others live an average of 4-10 years longer, cause one of the properties of black caviar is slowing down the aging process.
  4. Feodor Chaliapin, being a real gourmet and connoisseur of good food, was happy to eat sturgeon caviar and only the most recent. A famous actor Charlie Chaplin once received an unusual fee for one of his role — 4 kilos of black caviar. He just loved this product!
  5. According to statistics, of t10 people who once tried the caviar, 6-7 people buy this delicacy for all holidays, and 3-4 — due to an incredibly useful not only for the holidays, but at every opportunity.
  6.  Business people present black caviar as a sign of the highest respect.

Of course, today the caviar is not a luxury, but rather a product of a rare use, and thus, truly only experts are versed in its capacity. Their main advice: do not fall for the tricks of poachers and producers, who, under the guise of «natural caviar» sell canned product which is not only useless, but sometimes even dangerous for the nutritional properties.

Caviar quality is dependent on many factors such as the type of fish, method of production and the highest category of the delicacy the caviar is obtained with downhole method and produced without preservatives and additives that fully reveals the original taste and most importantly saves favor.

But to appreciate the pristine taste of caviar, you don’t need to be an expert, it is available to everyone.


«We are pleased to note that today the Admiral Husso products  earned high marks world masters of the culinary arts in the best secular receptions. High quality and exquisite taste of black caviar Admiral Husso are admitted by holder of three Michelin stars, French chef Christian Le Squer who voted chef of the year according to the French magazine Le Chef, and also an Italian chef Michelin Fabrizio Rasooli.

Our caviar and sturgeon can be seen in exquisite dinners and dinner parties in the best restaurants and hotels in the city and at the Embassy reception.

Aside from development of exports, we have expanded the places of sale and in Belarus. Now Admiral Husso products are available not only to residents of the capital, but also for regions. Entering the market of regional cities, we would like to please gourmets and lovers of true delicacy «

Source: //news.tut.by/press/518669.html

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