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Black Caviar: Tasty Delicacy Or Superfood?

Black caviar: tasty delicacy or superfood?

If in Soviet times, there were periods when the notorious «eat caviar with spoon» was not just a speech figure, but now  in the mind with the phrase «black caviar» appears the association of the life of elite, expensive champagne, gourmet lunch or dinner in a luxury restaurant, where luxury cars are parked at the entrance.

With the decrease in the population of beluga and sturgeon in the wild, and the appearance of fish farms for artificial breeding (and it is difficult and very costly production), black caviar became a real delicacy, available only for the elite. However, we don’t need to talk about status of black caviar, but about its benefits for health we know less. So why  is caviar useful?  And is benefit maintained till the time we get the can?


How to choose the most useful black caviar?

To understand it, we should begin with the question of what kind of fish this caviar is (sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon, and others.) And, most importantly, — how this caviar came to your table. We do not consider poaching market in this case: the quality of such caviar is difficult to be judge, cause we do not know the details of the production — in fact, it means to buy a pig in a poke.

Beluga Caviar is larger than the eggs of other fish species, with a silvery hue and creamy nutty aftertaste. This fish lives in the Caspian Sea, and it is very rare, it is listed in the Red Book, and the process of obtaining caviar is  complex and lengthy (the adult begins to spawn only on reaching the age of 25, that means that all this time such a business would require big investments with zero impact). Therefore, it is traditionally considered as the most valuable and the most expensive kind of fish. This caviar «Grand Prix» is given a «golden» beluga caviar, which is made from beluga albino (the older the fish — so it is more appreciated). It speaks for itself, and the fact that it is packed in a can of pure gold. Maybe  nothing more delicious and nutritious exists. (However, more expensive, too, so to argue with this is problematic.)

Sturgeon caviar is smaller in diameter, dark golden and amber tones, with more saturated than beluga, flavor, delicate aroma and slight bitterness of the sea. To get the eggs to fish farms begin after reaching puberty (aged 8-20 years). All the time, the fish need special accommodation (ozonated water deep cleaning, attentive care) and food (a mixture of fish meal, several times a day), which are more like a sanatorium-resort with daily procedures and the adjusted mode.

Stellate sturgeon caviar is the smallest, more affordable, less nutritious and most calori e caviar of the three leaders.

How to extract the caviar? How do tastes and benefits of caviar change by the method of extraction?

The traditional way of obtaining caviar is downhole method. It was used at all times of the existence of mankind. Such method makes it possible to preserve all the nutrients that are so valued in the fresh black caviar. In today’s caviar production and use «milking» method. At first glance, this method seems to be more humane, but the trick is hidden behind it: to increase the capacity of sturgeon spawn fish are often fed by hormones. It is unlikely that it will appeal to those who buy an expensive product, being sure of its health benefits.

The caviar is contained of nutrients beneficial to the skin, blood vessels and human heart, improve the functioning of the nervous system and brain work, improve immunity. Black caviar is also very useful for the eyes and, by the way, it is a powerful aphrodisiac. Special value of this product has for pregnant and lactating women. To avoid the fakes,  you shoul buy caviar is only at approved manufacturer. Nowadays, this product is sold legally, it is certified and marked with the legal provisions of the quality marks.

Recently caviar production appeared under Minsk, Belarus and now wealthy gourmets can afford to buy caviar, which, by its quality is not inferior to world standards.

Chemical composition of caviar

The composition of caviar 30% of easily digestible protein, to 13% of healthy fats, essential amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, D, minerals, folic acid, lecithin, fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, iron, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, sodium.

High nutritional value of caviar is due primarily to the fact that, like any other egg, it is intended for the development of a new organism, and thus contains a unique set of nutrients and bioactive substances. Richer than all these substances becomes a fish to spawn, so it is very important that the manufacturer dоesn’t miss this moment. At Admiral Husso company, sturgeon is done ultrasound to make sure that the quality of caviar at the time of slaughter is as high as possible.

Caviar is a gentle product and its storage should be treated as gently as possible. Addition of a preservative in the product allows to keep it closed until a year. However, some manufacturers do not use preservatives in principle, that allows to maintain maximum freshness of natural caviar.

Comment of the chef production technologist Olga Lemnitskaya

«The shelf life of caviar is reduced to 3 months without using of preservatives, but for people who take care of their health and prefer organic products, this principle is more than justified. We chose this way deliberately! »

For a long time, caviar was a symbol of luxury, and to this day it is available only to wealthy people. However, nutritionists today are reviewing their attitudes to caviar prepared according to traditional techniques, and agree that it is not only an exquisite delicacy, but also a really useful nutritious organic product.

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