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ADMIRAL HUSSO In The Hotel St Regis Astana

ADMIRAL HUSSO in the hotel St Regis Astana

St Regis Astana was opened two weeks ago and instantly became the number one news. It is no wonder: world-class architecture and interiors, not a single curl, pure upbringing of feelings. Moreover, it is built using expensive, even precious materials, but it is a luxury 2.0, for those who understand. This requires an advanced users, and they exist in Astana.
The restaurant The Grill has a special champagne menu: «Caviar and Bubbles».

And a great variety of dishes with black caviar ADMIRAL HUSSO.

«Caviar on potatoes» — potatoes, Iguanes sauce, caviar:

Langoustine, roasted scallop, caviar:

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Author of the article is Nelly Konstantinova

Автор статьи Нелли Константинова

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